Today, I attended my first triathlon in years. I truly think the last one I was at was the last one I competed in back in 2008.My friend and I rooted some friends on, then grabbed 2 SUP boards and paddled over to the finish line. That’s one thing I love about Maui. There are so many great ways to spend your day, including paddling on crystal clear water, where you can see divers, turtles, and brightly colored fish and coral pass right below you. It was a PERFECT day for paddling. Anyhoo….

I haven’t really wanted to get back into the triathlon craze, but today gave me the itch. I had forgotten what great shape I was in! Triathletes are, for the most part, extremely fit people. When I saw the first cyclist zip by, I could feel it coming on. When the first place woman came tearing through, passing men like they were coasting, the excitement grew. I love triathlons! Anything can happen, and oodles of things can go wrong when you throw 3 sports into the mix. The element of the unknown makes the race that much more exciting and appealing.

After meeting the female winner and some other triathletes, we went to a cycling friend’s house, where much of the conversation was about Cycle to the Sun, and how training with a Power Meter can really improve your performance. I am not new to this. While I haven’t used one, I have been around cyclists training with power meters. The usual conversation on group rides was often centered on wattage in some form or fashion. It made me want to do more, to get involved again, to be competitive again. All I need is a goal and some training partners! Who’s game?

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