Riding High

I find it amazing how life unfolds. I went to a triathlon yesterday, and the bug got me. Triathlon is one of my loves I have been neglecting. So, I made a conscious decision to get more active and work toward a race. Let’s see if I can get competitive again. Well, I went out for a run this morning, and it felt pretty good. BUT, I noticed that the past couple of days I have been out of it, not really in touch with my surroundings and those around me, so I knew some ocean therapy was needed. Indeed, jumping into the ocean after a run and lying there, with only the crackles of the water enveloping you, and the bright blue sky above you. …..it doesn’t get better than that.

When I got back home, I made breakfast (unheard of for me lately), then opened my email to find out I was appointed to the ASHP New Practitioner Forum Professional Practice Advisory Group. My involvement in ASHP has always been fulfilling and inspiring for me, and I am tickled pink to be involved again. I must have reached my quota of morning goodies, because when I went to my car to drive to work, my key was nowhere to be found. I already had the issue of a flat tire in the trunk and a shoddy spare on the car. This was bad. But wait, I had just been thinking I should have commuted to work! I verified that my key was nowhere on my property, then kitted up and hit the road. I made my own little mini-tri this a.m., albeit out of order, and the swim didn’t really go anywhere. Still, it counts.

I sit here, thinking of the last time I did three workouts in one day, and I can’t remember when that was. What seemed like a negative (no car) was a huge positive for me. My wish manifested in funny ways, which makes me think it’s time to commit to Cycle to the Sun in August. Game on!


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