Breaking the Sound Barrier

Off the coast of Pusan, South Korea: An F/A-18...


I went to a Kundalini yoga class the other night, not knowing what to expect. I have tried many types of yoga, and this is certainly different. We did few actual postures. It’s more meditation and breathing, but with some very active, repetitive movements. Most of the class is done with the eyes closed, so you can go into your own little world and feel what you want without fear of what you look like.

At one point in the class, we were standing, hands held in a certain position (mudra), and we started circling our arms front to back, whatever pace we wanted. We kept going and going, and my arms were killing me! The teacher just stood up there and smiled as she continued on and on effortlessly circling her arms. Then, she told a story, without stopping. She said a teacher had once told her that shortly before planes break the sound barrier, they shake and shudder something terrible, and then….. PURE EASE. Suddenly, everything becomes quiet and calm and easy. Sometimes, with continual repetitive motion and focused intent, it’s the same thing. I believe that’s part of what a runner’s high is. I felt it in that class, and I tried to remember it on my run tonight, which was the fastest one yet for me on this island.

So when you shake and shudder and feel like you can’t take anymore, remember you may be close to breaking some barrier. Persevere, knowing this too shall pass, that on the other side, there is ease.


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