Today, I got home from work and was excited to catch up on things, and excited to go for a run. It’s been several days since I last ran, partly because of time and partly because I have been cycling more. My running shoes feel worn out and too big, as they give me all kinds of blood blisters now. SO, I decided to go for the Five Fingers shoes. Last time I wore them, I went out for 2 miles, but it felt so good I ran for 3. This time, I went for three, and it was yet again the fastest run on this island. In fact, it was 3 minutes faster (that’s a minute per mile).

It could have been the freshness of the shoes, or maybe the excitement of  my new (just opened it today) Garmin Forerunner 310XT. Regardless, when I set out with my 310XT and 5Fingers, I felt GOOD. In fact, my stride was easy, yet strong. I was using my hips more, connecting with the ground more, and feeling the push all the way from the ground on up. When I am out of shape, my stride feels disconnected. Not so today! In fact, there were times when I felt like pushing the pace, so I did, and it still felt good. Even at the end of my run, going slightly uphill, I caught some music from a truck by the ocean, and I felt a buzzing of energy in me. I used that energy to move me faster …and faster….smooth and strong, breathing was rhythmic, not labored.

And to top it all off, I ended up at Kamaole III on the grass, where I saw my roommate and some friends having a sunset jam session, complete with saxophone, guitar, ukelele, a melodica, drum, and something that made cool electronic, techno’ish sounds. I met a girl there that talked about when she used to run, …how during a run all other sensations dropped away and her running became her world. Her heart would pound in rhythm with her feet, and she could hear and FEEL her heartbeat in her ears. The pulsing of her blood and the pounding of her feet became one. Nothing hurt, everything pulsed. I knew exactly what she was talking about.


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