Feeling Saucy

Sometimes, you are in the flow, you know? Surprising I am saying this, being that I felt like I was getting sick yesterday, and then I felt and sounded like crappola all day today at the pharmacy. BUT, after I picked up Keely from swimming (during which I snagged one of the last spots on Junior Lifeguard for her), I came home and decided to cook.

I love when I look in the fridge, have extra veggies, am not sure what to make, but just go with my gut. I started with a bunch of collard greens, 2 green zucchini, 2 red bell peppers, a maui sweet onion, and some small home-grown roma tomatoes. I started with onion, as always, then decided that I would make a sauce of sorts for pasta.

I was inspired by Olly, whom I met recently. At a dinner party, he was throwing together some pasta sauce with fresh tomato and basil, and I remember talking to him while he prepped the pan. I swear he poured a cup of olive oil in there! Right when I thought he would stop, he turned and poured more in. So, I didn’t put that much in, but the olive oil was flowing at several points throughout the cooking process. Sprinkled in some pink sea salt, pepper, a few mixed herbs, fresh minced garlic, more olive oil, simmer, simmer, and then I had what turned out to be an amazing pasta dish! Too bad I wasn’t cooking for someone. I made Keely try some, even though she said she wasn’t hungry. She was glad she tried it.

*Oh, and that’s gluten free pasta, just as good as the other and maybe better!

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