Head in the clouds

I have truly developed a love for Kula over the past month, and even crater road, despite the pain it causes when I attempt to ride up its snaky, relentless incline. Today, I decided to take the little time I had before I had to pick up my daughter in Kihei and attempt a bit of a climb. I rode from Kula Lodge to 6000′, and at first I wondered what on earth I was doing. My legs were tight and pumped early, and I tried to go slow, but I was already in my lowest gear. I forget at what elevation I was at….perhaps around 4500′ or so, when I looked out to the right and saw the isthmus of Maui, nestled on both sides by the ocean, gently hooded by clouds thin enough to let the sun’s rays shine through. My phone camera doesn’t do it justice, but here is a snapshot:

After more climbing, I found myself enveloped in a cloud. I was in a good place physically and mentally and enjoying the solo challenge, surprisingly. I literally had my head in the clouds and was loving it! The descent wasn’t as cold as I thought, and I couldn’t help but smile as I shot down the windy road through the clouds. I felt good and experienced some of the natural beauty of Maui in solitude. You can’t beat that!


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