I am at one of those odd points in life where so many things are going wrong, yet so many things are going right as well. It’s all about concentrating on the right things right now and going with the flow. It’s about being patient with life and the people close to me and trusting that some things will just take more time to get better.

When something is going “wrong”, I try and see it is an opening to something better. That’s the mindset I choose to have, and I trust it will work.

No matter what life throws at me, I have faith I will come out okay. That faith alone has gotten me through some very rocky times. In fact, I can honestly say it has saved my life more than once. Back in 6th grade, I called it Amyism. I believed that my strength came from within, that organized religion was a crutch and that we all are people with the power of choice. We CHOOSE to live a certain way, to see the world a certain way, and to REACT accordingly. Noone can GIVE us  the strength we need to survive the worst of the worst. It is within us all, but some require more to bring it out. Some never have the self assuredness to tap into that strength. They derive their strength from outside of themselves, hence they are ultimately weak.

…..I really don’t want to go into this too much. Someone is bound to challenge my beliefs with their faith, their religion. Who are they to challenge what I believe for MYSELF to be true? I follow no religion but my own. I condemn no one. I recruit no one.

BUT, if someone would like to have a lively discussion about religion, faith, the root of it all, etc, then I am game.


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