Sometimes, life is funny. I mean, just plain absurdly awkward enough to be funny if you don’t take it too seriously. I am finding on this small island that some things are going a bit awry, and then other things are going quite well, and then somehow I run into the “awkward element” while working with the “positive element”. Sorry if I am vague here, but I am not trying to tell everyone about my life, just about how odd it is that while going to borrow a SUP board from a friend, I run into someone who has decided I am not likeable, and this person just happens to live in the same house?!

I feel like I have been in this little whirlwind of new people, and that I am being whipped out. Perhaps I was too far on the fringe of this little storm, and fell off the edge. I really think it’s time to explore some other little whirling dervishes and see what they are all about. I did make some awesome connections to some of the more stable people I met that I am excited to explore more. Just waiting to see how it all plays out…..


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