Priority numero uno

So many things I wanted to do … I wanted to go to the State Board of Pharmacy meeting next Thursday and then stay the weekend. I was excited to meet up with one or two of the new residents, go skydiving, hang out with a new friend on Oahu, go hiking, etc. Then, I found out the meeting had been moved up one week. That’s this Thursday. I looked at going this weekend, and it was just too soon, too expensive. PLUS, my daughter has State Championships for swimming from Thursday to Sunday. That’s kind of important.

So, I got this reminder email about this TriLanai Three Hills road ride that is this Saturday. I have been wanting to do it for a couple months now, as I haven’t been to Lanai, it would be fun and different, and it would be good training for Cycle to the Sun. But, alas, Keely has State Championships, and her actual scheduled event is on Saturday night.

So, despite everything, I will end up staying here on the island, cheering on my little girl. When it comes down to it, she always takes precedence. There will be more opportunities to go to Lanai, numerous opportunities to go to Oahu, but this might be the only time she will compete in a State Championship. I want to be there for all of it.


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