Wind at my back

Dealing with wind for me is like dealing with hills, at least on the bike. My main incentive for making it up a hill is knowing that I will eventually crest, and there will be a glorious downhill, no matter how slight the incline. It is a fine payoff for hard work.

Today, I had the same experience with wind. I commuted to work today, and the ride in was tough. It is more uphill than downhill, and actually ends on a pretty decent uphill. Plus, there is a headwind all the way in to town. The wonderful side of this is the pay off coming home. I rode the 15 miles home a full 16 minutes faster than on the way out, thanks to both downhill and tailwinds. Knowing my return trip will be easier makes my morning trip to town manageable. Leaving work at the end of the day and knowing the wind will be at your back is a godsend.


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