Technology FAIL

I was really excited to be involved in ASHP again. It has been a year, and I miss being involved, so I applied to be in a New Practitioner Forum Advisory Group. I was so excited to get the email confirming my appointment! I was to accept or decline online through a link in that email. I went through the whole process, hit ACCEPT, updated my information, and made it to the final step. BUT, I haven’t heard anything back. I was getting restless and almost contacted ASHP about it, but when I looked at the acceptance email, it hadn’t been that long really. So, I waited. But today, I decided to email the director. I know I should have been contacted by now. Then, just tonight, a message from the chair of the New Practitioner Forum was emailed out announcing all of the positions….and my name wasn’t on the list!

I don’t know what happened, and I don’t know if it can be changed. I mean, they are only supposed to have so many members, and they can’t take someone out after they accepted, so what to do? I contacted the director, and I am trying to keep my hopes up. I was SO excited to be involved again, and the fact that a possible glitch in a webpage where I hit ACCEPT or DECLINE could have messed up my appointment bothers me. You would think that if it didn’t go through, I would receive a second email. I didn’t receive a confirmation, but I didn’t remember receiving a confirmation for the PSFEC either. Feeling a bit deflated right now….


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