Don’t question it

I hurt my knee last Sunday when it rammed into the rock on Haleakala. I thought it was just bruised, but it really hurt after riding Wednesday, and it’s still hard to go down stairs. The doctor said yesterday that it could be an injured tendon, torn meniscus, or something floating around in there…part of my kneecap perhaps? So, I was thinking that I might not be able to do Cycle to the Sun in August, which would really suck!

Regardless, I decided to go out for a run today and just feel it out. It hurt a bit, but the pain didn’t get worse so I went with it. I ran an easy 3 miles at a decent pace (for me), and it was sore afterward (surprise). I popped a few ibuprofen and went about my day. Well, I just finished a good 2 hour retail therapy session at a wholesale price, which is double the pleasure! I noticed that my knee didn’t hurt while walking like it has for the past week, and when I did laundry, I didn’t limp down the stairs. It’s like I am healed!

Now, I don’t know what did it, and I am pretty sure the ibuprofen should have worn off by now, but I am not questioning it. It feels like I can go ahead and train, and that makes me a happy camper!


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