My New Roommate

She is a petite little thing, and pretty shy, but she has been coming around nightly while I am typing on my computer. First, she comes around on the right side, then slips into darkness, then she crosses right in front of me on her way over to my shelves. I notice she seems well-fed each night. But tonight, I realized something completely different.

As she hovered on the wall to my right, I realized she is pregnant…. and nesting. And when she stopped, then arched her head to look over at me and slowly crawled into my printer, I knew that’s what it had to be. I wish I had a picture to share of her. Her skin is pale like porcelain, and so thin you can see the blush from her blood.

She is my live-in gecko, and I believe she is nesting in my office. She checks me out every night, and I feel lucky she chose my desk for her nest.


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