Breath melt

Breath, Time, Space and Self

Breath, and the control of it, helps you unite, but not just with yourself.

Yoga means “union”, and it is often referred to as the union with yourself, but it is much more than that. It is union with all that is life.

Quickened, focused breath,  creates heat and energy. As in kundalini yoga, this is how I unite with the energy in my body and with the energy all around me.

It also creates personal space. It is unlikely that focused pranayama breathing will bring two people physically closer together, although when people get close, it can increase breathing. This increased breathing does not always a union create. You tune in to the energy and tune out the body and mind.

Now, slowed conscious breathing is different. It allows us to slow down our mind and body. It allows us to melt into ourselves and melt into others, to feel our bodies fully. Full breathing creates a space for one to melt into, whether that be yourself or someone else. It not only nourishes our body, but it allows for union. It is a receptive act to slow down and be conscious to all within you.

I think for proper union to take place with self, whether yourself or another, things must be slowed down and given the time and space to evolve organically. Like the ocean, when the waves are small, it is easy to see through the water to the bottom. When the waves are rough, you can feel the energy of the waves, but you can not see clearly for all the sand.


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