Rio Blue

Seriously, one of the best days ever!

Well, it started off with me waking up at 2:30 am like someone had turned on a light switch. There was no sleepiness in, just alert eyes and a body ready to ride. I finally got up around 4am to start my morning ritual of 2 pints of water and coffee. Perfecto! I got to the Hana Ride with a couple minutes to spare, met everyone, and we headed out. It was just perfect weather, and the pace was easy. I was excited to see my friend Mark there, but he was running late and said he would catch up. I kept wanting to turn around, since I was the one who invited him, but about 40 minutes into the ride, he caught right up with us.

We made it to our first coffee stop, and as soon as we said “double espresso to go”, the rain was pouring outside. Good timing! It didn’t last long, and we pedaled on our merry way into Hana, where we dallied around a bit before making the trek back. I needed more sustenance, I know, because my legs felt great until the last hour, and then they just plain hurt. I cracked on the second to last hill. All in all, a great ride though. It’s my longest in a long time (70+miles) and over 9,000 feet of climbing.

I called Alf to see if he needed anything. ‘Yes, please pick up some vinegar and baking soda’. WTH?! Sounded odd, but okay. It’s a small and easy request considering he had both the girls all morning while I galavanted around on my bike. Turns out it was for volcanos. The girls were having a grand ol’ time. Rio was rocking the volcano, and my daughter was parked in front of the TV like a zombie.

I was zonked at Alf’s, watching our girls and then our friends’ two girls play with the volcano.

Then, things got pretty crazy….. Rio smeared some blue paint on her hands and made a few of us nervous, playing like she was going to smear it all over our faces. She didn’t, but she did smear it on hers. Her dad’s response? CLASSIC. “Rio, just paint your whole body blue.” And she did! It wasn’t long of her and the two other girls going crazy before we had a lithe little Avatar before us, jumping on the trampoline and entertaining everyone. Now, that’s what Sundays are all about….well, and most days at Alf and Rio’s Fun House.

She got cleaned up after all of the pictures were taken, and then the girls decided it would be fun to paint the trampoline. The paint is washable, so why not?! They went to town! It made me wish I was a kid again…although I could always go out there and do that too, I suppose. They had such a blast. 

After our friends left, Alf DJ’d for us, and we were literally swinging from the rafters. Skateboards in the house, swinging from the ceiling, dancing, laughing, singing. Anything goes, and us three girls had fun playing, energized by Alf’s music. I can’t wait for another chance to hear his music, to play with everyone, and to enjoy being alive with such happy, carefree people.


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