Hana or Bust

I have been trying to get out on the bike more and to be more proactive about riding with people on the island. So, I joined the weekly Sunday morning Hana ride last Sunday, and then again this Sunday. The ride is somewhat brutal in that we start at 6am from Twin Falls, so I have to get up extremely early. And they don’t wait for anyone to get going. It’s also around 70miles, with about 9,000′ of climbing. Last week, I did pretty well until the end, and I cracked. My legs hurt and just would not turn over. My head was feeling bobbly, and I was developing tunnel vision. It took all of my focus to just keep on keeping on.

This last ride, I started out wondering if I would make it back. I just didn’t feel as good as the last time I rode to Hana in the beginning. Oddly enough, I must have gotten my second wind, because I found myself charging many of the final hills, jumping up out of the saddle and pushing ahead. It felt great to finish strong and ready to ride more! Part of the reason may have been due to a couple unexpected stops for technical difficulties my friend Mark was having (see below), but I think it was due to other factors, such as increased strength and better nutrition throughout the ride.

Only in Hana can you flat where there are chairs.....and coconuts, and chickens....

Mark and Bart figuring out how to get Mark up and running again......


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