Boy, is my life in a flux. Thankfully, I have set up some stability in my life so that it’s not a whirlwind.

Without certain things set in place, I would be finishing up my one-year residency on October 14th with no job, have to move by the next day to a new place (with no job or income mind you), and somehow figure out how to survive.

Thankfully, I was able to work out a deal with my landlord so that I can stay. They are taking over my level for 3 months, during which Keely and I will move downstairs and pay minimal rent. Once the new year starts, I will be able to move back upstairs. Score!

On the job front, I have been looking around and applying, and I have been to 2 interviews, but nothing solid thus far. Well, today it seems I will have the opportunity to prove myself by the end of the year. It’s a temporary position, nothing solid yet, but REALLY excited about the opportunities. Once things are solidified more, I will blog about it. Until then, putting together my game plan for a BIG ending to the year.


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