Riding with the bulls…

Today’s ride was just plain epic. I hadn’t been on the ride before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. We started in Kula and rode south toward the winery. I had been to the winery plenty of times, but had not gone far beyond. WOW. It was beautiful, and we had a good view of Mauna Kea on the Big Island. The road was smooth and winding and undulating.

At one point, we rode past a beautiful, shiny black cow. Thankfully, it’s backside was to us, taking up the whole lane, while we swerved left and sailed by. We did hit upon a snag as we rode over a cattle guard that was old and overgrown with grass. The telltale, “Not good,” followed by a hissing noise, told us someone went flat. Turns out he had bent his rim, and at first he thought it wasn’t fixable. While he and another rider were checking things out, I saw that same black cow slowly saunter up. Guess he wanted to know what we were doing hanging out for so long. Well, he started a charge, almost like he was psyching us out. Marc immediately started making loud noises and held up his bike and shook it, just like you would with a bear. It worked…for a bit. The cow left, repairs were made on the fly to the damaged rim, and then the cow sauntered up again, but this time he seemed agitated,….or excited based on his anatomy at the time. He even performed the quintessential pawing of the ground as he dropped his head, ready to charge right into our riding friends. I was ready to jump on my bike and jet, but thankfully a car came up and started honking, which moved the bull out of the way.

Everything working, we continued on as the sun started to set, and on the ride back, not only did we have an amazing sunset in front of us, but a tailwind at our backs. Thankfully, my friends had lights, as it was starting to get dark. We made our way back without seeing the bull again, and ended in the dark. We all finished off the night with brick-fired pizza (salad for gluten free me) and BYOB and called it a night. I think I am going to buy me some lights and make this a regular ride!


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