Yesterday was my daughter’s 13th birthday. Wow. I didn’t know what to do, so I met with her dad, who is visiting this week, and we couldn’t decide even together. BUT, we saw a little place in the Triangle in Kihei that does hair feathers, and we all love sushi. That made it easy. We went to get hair feathers after we picked her up, then waited for Sansei to open at Life’s a Beach, where Keely got a virgin Lava Flow, and her dad and I shared a giant mai tai. Oh boy.

At Sansei, we ate entirely too much, and I think that her dad and I had a bit too much sake. It was all a bit goofy, but especially once we got home. She opened up a few presents we had for her, and then I decided to tickle her. Poor thing. I dated three wrestlers in my day, so she had NO CHANCE. All in all, a good birthday I think. She seemed happy enough.

Although, today her and her dad both tried to get me to drink at dinner…said I was lots of fun on her birthday. I am not sure if that’s a compliment or not. I am going to think positive…


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