Lucky Girl

For so many years, I would deal with my problems alone. If I was lonely, I didn’t know how to reach out. I didn’t foster enough relationships where that kind of middle-of-the-night call was okay and welcomed. But, I actually had those relationships for a while and didn’t realize it. I still isolated myself. Somewhere, somehow, I realized that these people really were my friends, that we shared a bond strong enough for them to have the devotion to me I have to all of them. And somewhere, somehow, I learned to reach out. I hate that I wait until I am down to reach out to some of these folks. I can tell you though, that when I am down, I have a small and special group of people peppered all over that welcome my call.

I love my friends in many different ways. I love them for the smiles , the experiences , and the excitement about life they share with me. I love them for being available and understanding. I love them for being my mirror and reflecting back the person THEY see, which is inevitably much better than the person I perceive myself to be during my low times. They remind me of who I am and what I stand for. They remind me of what I need in life, vs what I am getting. I love them for being vulnerable when THEY need someone to be their light or their mirror.

Everyone needs someone to lean on. I have plenty of people to lean on, and I wish I contacted them more often, before I was down. I love them for not judging me for that, and for just being happy that we can connect when we do, and that we can help each other when the need arises.

I am one lucky girl. Thank you to my special friends. You know who you are.


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