Today, I flew to Oahu for beginning and advanced ventilator training in preparation for APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation). As a member of DMAT, I will be deployed to Oahu for the event in case of a disaster. When you have some of the largest economies in the world on one small island, there is always a risk of something disastrous happening. I am hoping for the best, but glad to be able to do my part.

So, I spent the day with several other healthcare providers learning the ins and outs of a ventilator and all of the settings we might need in different situations. We each had our own, complete with a little 5-fingered blue lung. We had to manually adjust our PEEP, which was a bit awkward, but I feel I learned a good deal. During our break, I went through my fingerprinting, which is done with a red chemical, and when the card is heated, it sets the fingerprints. Pretty interesting, and definitely tedious. At the conclusion of the day, I finished up some final paperwork, had my mug shot taken for my badge, then was handed the list of meds they will have at APEC. I definitely have to review a lot of those meds, especially the ones used for RSI (rapid sequence intubation). Next step, OAHU.


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