In Da Hood

Boy, today I felt weird. I don’t know if it was the margarita the night before, or the crazy dancing, or if it was just the Halloween energy. My legs felt full, like there was pressure in them. I tried to get work done, and I actually made some headway, but my daughter was home for the day with me, which made concentration hard. Remember, I live in a studio with her. And she is still alive!!  After futzing around that afternoon and trying to take a nap, I finally felt ready to get dressed in my Halloween costume. The night started out slow, but it wasn’t long after dark that kids and adults were coming out of the woodwork. My entire neighborhood for 1/2 mile was packed with people, and there was even a haunted house down the way. I loved that half of the folks were adults, and everyone was in costume. In New Mexico, I got funny looks for dressing up when I took my daughter out trick or treating. Certainly not here! It was nice to be able to go steps from my driveway to the coolest block party in town (IMHO), and since it was a school night, Keely and I were back home snoozing not long after bed time.


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