Falling Into Place

Today, things were actually clicking. In fact, things were happening so fast, I could hardly keep up. I have been trying to start an innovative pharmacy practice. Unfortunately, there are many roadblocks, both financially and in people’s understanding and acceptance of pharmacists‘ value. Fortunately, when I truly set my mind to something, I don’t stop until I get it. On top of that, I have a boss who believes in me enough to financially support me through this, and I have other people who support me as well.

I was connecting with billing people from a private physician’s office, case management at the hospital, liberal pharmacists from across the nation, and quality improvement folks here in Hawaii. I decided to focus on reducing hospital readmissions, and I suddenly tripped on loads of useful information online. So, meetings and phone calls are getting set up, data is being gathered, and grants have been found that I will apply for.  To top it all off, I got an invite from a new friend and cycling buddy Chris King for his workshop “Get as many clients as your heart desires”, designed especially for health professionals. Turns out he also coaches people who are trying to start up their own business….specifically in health and wellness too! BINGO!

To make the day even sweeter, I was invited to ride with Chris and my friend Mark. I talked with Chris about what I want to do, and tried to think of a company name so I could get the ball rolling, and he brought me right back to the basics. He said it should reflect your most important value. If this one value did not exist in your world, you would no longer want to live. And his first example was my absolute biggest need in life, beyond love and connection, which are different. HONESTY is of the utmost to me. My name should somehow reflect that value of honesty, trust, integrity. I didn’t get to finish the conversation, as I had to rush off after the ride to get my daughter.

I firmly believe that when things are falling into place, it’s a sign you are on the right track and to trust in the process and roll with it. Today was definitely one of those days!


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