Double Rainbow

Today was filled with rainbows. Not only was it a full moon, but the day started and ended with rainbows all over the island. Full, brilliant rainbows, double rainbows….everywhere and all day. The magic of the full moon, coupled with the next day being 11-11-11, was intense. The whole island was vibrating, and for me it was a day of connection.

I went to the pharmacy to teach some interns about my new MTM process I am trying to get launched, and we had a great talk. I told them a bit about how healthcare is changing, some of the things to watch out for down the line, and so on. I knew that, being a student, it is probably very difficult for them to be up to date on what is happening, which doesn’t seem right. How are they supposed to plan their life once they get out if they aren’t up to date on current events in healthcare? It is part of being immersed in the non-reality of education though.

Then, I had a conference call with an amazing woman from UH Hilo who is working with me on applying for a grant. She has amazing ideas, and I feel so priveleged to not only be able to work with her, but to have her vote of confidence. That will be a long process, but I feel good about it. One step at a time! After the call, my former dean of experiential education from UNM College of Pharmacy visited. She and her husband were visiting the island. It was really good to connect, and it was good the hear that the college is doing well and under strong new leadership.

After meeting with them and telling them about all that I have done since I came to Maui, I went upcountry to hang out with my friend and his visitor from Canada. They made a nice dinner with wine, and then we all went to a free form dance “class” in Haiku. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I haven’t really moved in a while….a long while. I started out slow, sitting against the wall and watching for a bit, but the music finally took over and I found myself playing with movement again, almost uninhibited. I certainly could use some more grounding, but it felt good to move and express myself physically again, to feel the energy flow. I left feeling relaxed, energized, playful…several people commented me on my dancing as I walked out under the bright full moon. It had rained, and there were large puddles, so I did what any ex-ballerina would do, and I made a small leap over one. POP! went my ankle as I fell over it. I popped right up, but that was such a typical dancer move! I make it through 2 hours of jumping and spinning around, and then I fall over my ankle in the parking lot. Thankfully, I don’t get all flustered about that stuff anymore. Life happens, and things like that are funny.

All in all, an amazing, energy-filled day of connecting with others…as well as myself.


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