APEC-Day 2

I am writing this after the fact, so not clear on everything, but it will mean a shorter blog, which you might like! 🙂

We got to the hotel, but I wasn’t ready to lie down and thought I might get some sun, maybe some food. Well, the pool was not inviting and still in the shade. I showered up and couldn’t believe how dirty I had gotten just overnight! I opened up Maps on my kicky new Droid phone, and it said that a mall was 0.6 miles away. I could do that! So, I set out in the only clothes I had, a bikini covered with shorts and a tank top, plus slippahs of course. It was hot, and it was way longer than the map said. I ended up turning into a military community. I was staying at the Ohana Airport right next to the airport, and hence right next to the military base. Being that I had seen Thrive a couple days prior, it was weird to walk up on this “perfect” little oasis, full of fast food. Yep, there was one shop for clothes (cheap clothes), one phone store, and lots and lots of places to eat. Nearby, was a supply store, a car wash, and a golf course. Up the street, was a little military community. Yes, the sign said that. They all drove around in their nice SUVs and mustangs, filling their bellies with fried food, convincing themselves that Jamba Juice is actually healthy for them, and THEY NEVER HAD TO LEAVE. The government set it up for them so they never had to reach outside of their little oasis. God forbid.

I got some food and quickly headed back to the hotel, where I proceeded to pass out. I couldn’t remember the last time a pillow and a sheet felt so amazing….. I was woken after two hours of deep sleep by some local guy guffawing outside by the pool. He had to have been drinking, because he wouldn’t stop!! Honestly?? I couldn’t sleep anymore, so I cleaned up and headed out for coffee. I was stopped by a man in military uniform (Army?), who said I had to take an alternate route, as the road was blocked off for a good hour. Wow. That was good though, because I ended up finding a Starbucks close by that just happened to be near Ninja Sushi. They have such awesome rice!! I was craving lettuce, some type of roughage after so much time of Lara bars and pizza toppings and coffee. Not the best diet, certainly.

The shift was largely uneventful. The day shift had put up a sheet in the large med tent and watched Blackhawk Down. The guy who brought the projecter also brought a popcorn machine. The full on MASH experience! He took both back though, so we didn’t get to join in that fun. We did some training on the ultrasound, and I had my blood drawn for the demonstration of the iStat. Cool stuff!

Afterward, I went back to the pharmacy tent and put my feet up. They were swelling something awful. At midnight, my birthday started, and it seemed I would be sleeping through it, but at 4 minutes to midnight, the door opened….


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