I Poisoned Myself

My eggplant bacon took quite a while to dehydrate! Oh well, it turned out great and actually looked a whole lot like bacon….considering it was eggplant at least. At some point in the prior few days (while in a daze), I cut down a bunch of bananas from out back of our house. Ah! I did it on my birthday, the 14th. Well, they were starting to ripen, so I was about ready to be using the dehydrator again.

Well, I woke up this morning feeling bad all over again. I could hardly sleep last night with all of the burning in my nasal passages and eyes, and the burning in my throat. It was time to go to the doctor. Thankfully, I was able to get in fairly soon. I just knew I had strep throat. Well, I drug myself in, did the rapid strep test, and it was completely NEGATIVE. Crazy. The PA said she thought it was allergies, and actually all the signs and symptoms screamed massive histamine release. But why on earth would it have started so suddenly? She gave me a nasal spray and Zyrtec and sent me on my way.

I went home flabbergasted, but then remembered the only thing different was the eggplant, but I couldn’t remember when I had started dehydrating. Thankfully, I post random pics to Facebook, so I looked on there for my initial pics, and sure enough, I started dehydrating on Thursday, when I started to feel sick. I stopped this morning. I knew that eggplant had solanine in it, because I verified before dehydrating that you could eat raw eggplant. Plants in the nightshade family have this chemical, which causes GI distress. That’s why we don’t eat raw potatoes also. Google didn’t show much of anything on solanine poisoning via aerosolization. I saw no other explanation though, and I asked an herbalist and the poison control center if they knew anything about it. It makes so much sense, especially considering my place is so small, and the dehydrator is within feet of my bed. The Poison center told me that solanine is a big molecule, so hard to aerosolize, but since I am so close, it makes sense it could make it that far, and it makes sense that I only hurt in my upper sinuses and upper lungs. Big molecules couldn’t make it to my lower lungs.

Part of me feels stupid, but part of me feels I really hit something here. The herbalist said to try licorice tea, so I did. Within one hour, I was able to completely blow my nose, which hadn’t happened in a week. Yeah!! Time to get better….and stay away from eggplant for a while.

Glad I am not a hamster being injected with this stuff…..


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