A Turkey Flew Over

Thanksgiving started out with dragging my daughter out of bed for a mandatory 6am  swim practice, then running home to grab her bike, drive it back to her, then go grab my bike and prep for an 8:15 ride from Kula. I took the wonderfully bumpy winding shortcut up Omaopio and the other side street off of that….and saw a guy on an old yellow bike, forearms leaning on the handlebars, calmly pedalling up the very steep road. He was in a cotton t-shirt, had a full beard, but he had a helmet on! Good man. He even had a small basket on the back.  I met up with a bunch of folks that were, well….much older than I. Great group of people and bunches of new faces. Right before we left, the guy on the yellow bike rode up. He had come from Kahului to join us! We rode out to the winery, then up to Star Lookout for some coffee, a good view, and pastries for them, a Lara bar for the gluten-free girl. I swear that keeps me out of so much trouble!! The bearded guy on the yellow bike is named David, and he is really strong. He had normal pedals, and he was killing everyone, but not in a competitive way. He was just out ridin’, bra! We went off the front of the group and chatted a bit. A turkey flew over us, which I found hilarious, considering it was Thanksgiving Day. He said, “the first time I met you, a turkey flew over us”. He also mentioned that our names mean the same, Beloved. Pretty cool.

After the ride, Keely and I lazed around a bit, and then went to the beach to catch some rays. It had been entirely too long. We had dinner that night at her friend’s family’s house. They invited over family and church members for quite a large group. I had fun making the salad. And I made LOTS! I used 6 heads of lettuce my client/boss had given me from his garden, then I used my spiralizer and added green zucchini, yellow zucchini, and apple. I wanted to add beets, but I must have bought turnips instead, because they were white inside. So disappointing! To add color, I sliced some red cabbage really thinly, then added sprouted lentils and shaved coconut. Of course, we ate too much and stayed too late, but there was no alcohol at this party, which was good.

All in all, a full, fun day.

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