Are We There Yet?

I made it onto my 11:30pm flight, and quickly realized that I should have gotten an aisle seat instead of my usual window seat. I had a couple next to me who could actually sleep on planes, and I had wine that had hit my bladder. I fussed and fidgeted trying to get some sleep, but the seats and the bladder made it really damn hard. The girl next to me aroused, and I waited with anticipation for ANY movement from the guy. As soon as he moved, I asked them if I could go to the bathroom. Hallelujah!!! One of the best things in life is relief of an over-full bladder.

Flight status:

Kahului  to Phoenix, enough layover to get to my next gate

Phoenix to Los Angeles, again enough layover to get to my next flight, which was in a totally different terminal, and I had to go through security again.

Los Angeles to New Orleans, arrival 4:30pm

Total time: 13 hours

Sleep time: Maybe 1hour

Thankfully, I talked with a fourth year on the last flight (3.5 hours), which was FULL of pharmacists and students.

When I arrived, I grabbed a cab, checked in, went and cleaned up to meet an old friend for dinner. He was even more handsome than I remember. We ate at Mulate’s and chatted the night away. Next day was an early start, but I was still on GO mode. Oh, the marathon starts!!!


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