Is there a Steve in the house?

Great end to a long day of sessions!

I went down to the hotel lobby (ok, bar) because that is usually where you connect with people for dinner, music, etc. I wasn’t hearing back from my buddy Steve, so I sat down next to a very pretty lady, and we chatted about all kinds of things. She was actually there for another conference. Sharp lady! Well, Steve#2 showed up with another great guy I see every year (you like how vague I am?) and someone I had met once before. That someone was slimy and overly forward. It amazes me that he gets the privilege of hanging out with such nice men. Well, he invited us over to sit with them, so I convinced pretty young lady to come on over. Slimy man was hanging all over her and wouldn’t let her attention go to us. Really? She was so far out of his league, but all he could think of was the fact that she was pretty. I guess pretty girls who look like dolls are out to be played with? Um, NO. Well, it scared her off, so she went off to bed.

Then, of course, I got a text from Steve (the first one). He was meeting some friends at Maple Leaf Bar to watch Rebirth Brass Band. They were nominated for a Grammy, but I didn’t know that until after I met them. I jumped in a cab to meet him out there, but beat him and his friends. A quick hello to the door man, then a $12 cover through a small hole in the wall to a girl that sat behind the band. Yep, her knees (if I could really see them) were at my eye level. First thing, I met a guy selling CDs, and then I was hit with the cigarette smoke. I didn’t realize that you could still smoke inside anywhere in the US. How naive I am! Hell, I remember when I lived in San Francisco and everyone was throwing a fit because they couldn’t smoke in the coffee shop I worked at anymore. That was less than….ah hem… 20 years ago. Oh my….

I got a text response to Steve#1’s group text from an unknown number that they were across the way at Jacque Imos. When I asked who it was, guess the guy’s name? Oh yeah! Steve! (#3). The music started, and the place was just starting to fill up when Steve #1 came in, introduced me to all of his friends, bought us all a round of drinks, and then I was off to dance!! Wow, the music was amazing. I don’t know if a lot of it was just being there in the room where I could just drown in the music and let it take over my body, but I really don’t care. I found new rhythms inside of me I hadn’t felt in my many years of dancing. I got a compliment from a local guy (no, he wasn’t hitting on me), which was nice. White men can’t jump, and white girls have no rhythm. Not this white girl! I left sweaty and happy and stinking of cigarettes, but so did everyone else. Steve#1 and a friend of his and I decided to go to a late-night diner, and ended up at Daisy Duke’s, where I had a glorious, man-sized salad! Yeah, roughage! Anyone who has eaten in New Orleans knows it is hard to find any greens that aren’t boiled with onion and pork.

Here are some videos I shot. The sound quality is awful, but I got what I could! Then, I had to continue dancing.


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