She’s Got Legs

Tonight was the last night of the conference, when they always put on a big show and party. When you have 20,000+ attendees, even when many of them go home, the party can be incredibly large. I heard there were about 6000 there tonight. I was excited to wear my new slinky dress and high heels. I just don’t get many opportunities to dress up here on the islands. It was cold out, but I knew that I would be taking the shuttle bus over to Mardi Gras World and then going inside. I spiffed myself up, then headed down with only a small cardigan and my purse. When I got to the waiting area for the shuttle, I knew I stuck out, and walking onto the bus was hilarious. Everyone was bundled up in long coats, beanies, scarves, gloves, etc. In walks the girl from Maui with a slinky dress and bare legs. Oh well. I felt good and was ready to dance!

When we got to Mardi Gras World, there was a line outside, again of overly bundled folks. Once inside, I was greeted by numerous giant faces. I didn’t realize we would be walking through the area where they make and store the floats for Mardi Gras. It was certainly cold, and we had to keep moving, but I shot some decent pics. I danced the whole time, and even had the lead singer Rockin’ Dopsie Jr (David Rubin) come down and dance with me at two points. Fun, Fun!

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