Today started out rainy and wet, and ended up sunny and beautiful. I had planned to ride with my friend K, and we weren’t really sure about the weather, but we met up in Kula anyway. Since it was raining, we started out by having coffee close by and talked about health and the like. I really enjoy talking with him. It’s always enlightening and refreshing. We finally decided to head out, even though it was drizzling, and it did eventually turn sunny. By the end of about 1.5 hours, we were hungry, so headed to Grandma’s and sat and talked more over lunch. I remember when we walked outside, there was this adorable black cat with a white chest and paw snoozing out on the ledge. She had her nose under her paw, like she was trying to hide from the people and block out the world. She really didn’t care about anyone. So cozy. So, more great conversation. It is really quite rare to find someone that I can talk with on any number of topics and feel engaged and positive and either have something to contribute or really believe in what the other person is saying. I could have hung out all day, but we each had other things to do. Until next time…

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