Forever Friends

Today, I got to reconnect with a very special friend of mine Shane, someone I tell most friends about when relationships come up. I met him back in 2001 in Albuquerque, and we really hit it off, but I ended up putting my energy into the man who I eventually married. Meanwhile, Shane moved to Oahu with his partner in business and life. They lived there until just this year, and during those years, Shane and I kept in touch here and there. Usually, I connected when I had a crisis of some sort and needed some guidance. He has always been so balanced and truthful. In fact, the truth and honesty of what he says and does has been one of the most influential aspects of our relationship and has shaped how I deal with others in my life.

This year, he and his partner moved to Maui, just 3 miles from me. We haven’t had the opportunity to really hang out for the several months he has been here, but tonight we were able to catch up a bit. It was so nice, and almost like 10 years hadn’t passed. He looks much the same, but I think I have aged more. It’s interesting to see his dog Lexi, who is getting older. She was a puppy when I met him. I remember her bounding out of his pickup truck when I first met him. Now, she takes it easier, but she still has that playful energy and absolute devotion to Shane.

Shane is one of those special friends who knows all too much about me and loves me anyway. He will forever be in my life, and our relationship will continue to shape other relationships. Shane is a Forever Friend. The honesty and integrity we share is something I always strive to have in my intimate relationships. I am not sure how or why we ended up on the same island, in the middle of the Pacific, but I feel there is a reason. I hope that I can return some of the guidance and support he has given me over the years.


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