Thai Bloody Opal

Tonight, I took Keely to the annual dinner at a Thai restaurant for Maui County Health Volunteers (MCHV), where she got to talk to some real influential people in health on the island. One guy, Buck Joiner, was an opalholic and talked a lot about mining opals and how dangerous it is. He also talked about the Bloody Jack book series. He is really into the audiobooks….I mean REALLY into them. It’s pretty funny, because I guess people like the series so much, that fans have decided there should be a movie, and they have put together trailers of what they feel the movie would be like. I think there are 9 books out there currently, with 2 more on the way.

I have been including Keely more in my activities so that she can get exposed to all that I do, but also have the opportunity to talk to the likes of Dr. Lorrin Pang and Buck Joiner. These men have experience beyond my comprehension, and I am so fortunate to not only work with them, but also to be able to expose my daughter to their insight and influence.

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