So You Think You Can Dance?

I recently decided to stop avoiding the part of my life that has always brought me joy, which is movement, especially expression through movement. I love cycling, running, etc, but there is no expression of life’s emotions through it. I don’t bring a smile or tear to anyone’s face with that, and it doesn’t give me the deep down feeling of satisfaction and freedom that dance does. SO, I took my first dance class since 2005 tonight. It started with classical jazz, very showgirl like, then transitioned over to hip-hop with lots of fun attitude, and then to a dark, angular contemporary piece. I looked and felt good. The goosebumps were flowing along with all of the adrenaline of traveling through my body and through space to great music.

I can still dance! I bounced out of that class, sweaty and happy to know that I have started on my path, but also that I never really fell off. It’s still in me, and I intend to keep exploring and expressing myself through movement.


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