Starting off on the right …..heart

Today, I went to a yoga intensive with Kelly Haas, who is visiting the island. She is a petite thing, but oh so strong! I am continuously amazed at the strength, combined with suppleness and resilience, of the Anusara teachers I encounter. We started our three hours with intentions for 2012, focusing on what we want to cultivate.  Among several things, I want to live more fully from the heart, to be a channel of positive, loving energy. Anusara teaches, among many things, to surrender first, to melt the heart. This is truly key to so much in the postures I was not able to complete.

Then, we started right in with half moon pose. Oh yeah. Then to hand stand.  I have only just started doing hand stands and inversions, so am a bit behind the curve, so when they started to get into some of the balances and hand stands, I couldn’t finish the first progression, let alone the second one. You know those beautiful pictures of yoga instructors doing crazy things out in nature? Yeah, we were doing those. At least, I was attempting them. I found myself getting frustrated, which surprised me. It had been a long time since I had felt that way. Patience, Amy. Like Kelly said, treat every posture like an etch-a-sketch and shake the posture away each time. Start fresh.

Kelly Haas

We assisted each other in all of the postures, which was a great way to bond and trust and to better understand each posture for ourselves.  It’s so nice to be able to help someone complete a posture that they wouldn’t be able to do without your assistance. It’s amazing to be supported so that we can feel the completion of the posture. I left super hungry and worn out, which was awesome. I also left ready to dive deeper, knowing that with the right knowledge and application, I will be doing those someday too. What a beautiful group, and a fantastic way to start 2012 off!


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