Growing fins

Sunday, I fell in love with snorkeling. I had been at home working on material for a grant for a couple days and hadn’t been outside and hadn’t been moving. My friend Kevin came down south to my side of the island, and even though it was after noon, the water was calm and so was the wind. I had a new snorkel set and wasn’t sure how it would do, but it worked fine. It was nice to wear a new set of goggles, and Kevin put in anti-fog before we started. The fins had the adjustable back straps, which I don’t like because they slip, but WOW, was it good to have some Zoom! Those things gave me some real push, which helped me get away from the reef a couple of times. Kevin found an arch, and dove down and through it. I hadn’t dove before, so it was good to watch him. Then, he saw a big honu, and he sidled up right to it and swam with it. He found another later, and dove down to that one, but it zoomed off. I was a bit concerned about diving, since I have had problems with my ears in the past, but I tried a couple of times without too much difficulty. Everything was so clear, and I not only saw TONS of fish and beautiful reef, but I saw three large honu, saw my first whale of the season, and I could hear the whales singing. Winter is magical on Maui!

Now that I have a good snorkel set and I feel comfortable out there, I am going to get out much, much more.

2 thoughts on “Growing fins

  1. When I am in savasana at the end of yoga, sometimes to clear my mind I picture snorkeling in Hawaii. I was following some little fish when all of a sudden, a giant turtle swam by, I just started following him as he dipped and dived and played with the sunbeams. I remember thinking of nothing else but watching him, hearing the wales, and following him. This could have carried on for 10-20 minutes, time certainly didn’t matter, eventually he out swam me, decided to move on. When my mind won’t shut up, picture the turtle and imagine I am following him again, not thinking, not feeling, just being led through the calm sea….

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