I Am Transparent

I received a friend request on couchsurfing.org from someone here on Maui. I hadn’t been on there in a while, so I decided to check in on my profile and see if it needed updating. It was great to see all of the friendly reviews from people I have hosted. I forgot how many people had stayed here! What I love are some of the things I wrote when I made the profile back in May of 2011. It’s good to know I am consistent. It’s good to know I have made some progress toward my mission…..Here are some snippets:

Current Mission: To find a way to free myself in order to follow my dreams

Personal Description: I am what you see, but oh so much more. I am transparent, how else is there to be?

Philosophy: My goal in helping others is to help others help themselves. Also, truth in all interactions, which starts with yourself. The most beautiful things in life are free, but not something you can own

Types of People I enjoy: REAL, meaning down to earth, humble, truthful, respectful, open minded


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