Water Flows

You say to “stay connected”, but what do you really mean?

I was drawn to you, like water to roots. I wanted to move slowly through you, take in each inch of you carefully before creating flowers with you.

Like a thirsty tree, you drank of me. I surged through you, to the top of your foliage, and the view was breathtaking. I felt safe, despite the height, and I nourished you with my essence. We played and danced up there, under the stars. We made flowers together, you and I. My essence combined with your strength to create beauty. Some flowers were soft and white and round, like a gardenia. Some were fun and bright like a daisy. Others were fiery red and deep, like a poppy, bursting open to reveal a silken heart.

Like a thirsty tree, you drank of me.

Water flows where it is needed and wanted.

I enjoyed sharing the view with you, greeting the morning sun, drinking in the early sky, dancing under the stars and moon floating by our treetop perch. You were getting stronger, drawing in my essence as my heart poured open. Such flowers I had never made before, each one unique and special, and I drank in the nectar of each, swam in the fragrance of their petals, wrapped myself in and around each stem, and kissed each morsel of pollen.
I opened up my well of endless love and nourishment, but your thirst was quenched. You set me quickly and gently on the ground, back where I started but forever changed. I sat quietly, the waters within me at once calm, then churning and spilling over the banks. The winds picked up, and storms came and passed. Some were smooth and nourishing, others were tumultuous and left chaos and unrest in their wake. The banks of my waters are rising to protect me while I rebuild.

You said to “stay connected”, but water flows where it is needed and wanted.


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