About Bunny

Aloha! My name is Amy, but some called me Bunny, and somehow it stuck. Hence, one of my favorite questions of people is “what is your animal? What animal best represents YOU?”

I have had this blog for some time, and it has changed dramatically. It has shown my changes and growth for the past few years. My posts are about personal issues, triumphs, and joys, and anything else I decide to share. I always seek to learn the lesson in everything adverse and strive to keep moving forward and upward. Hopefully, I can lift some people along the way.

‘When you’re smilin’, the whole world smiles with you…’

I really need to get out more often...

I really need to get out more often...


One thought on “About Bunny

  1. This is a swing for the fence, but if you happen to know the pharmacist that helped a guy out this afternoon, tell her I said thanks…. And yes that means thank you pharmacists everywhere. But whoever you are, I will go out of my way to be seen by you from now on.

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