Warp Speed Ahead!


To emphasize the reality of the post below….I wrote it on the 8th and just discovered my draft, 10 days later. Sigh…. I think I know now why I got sick!


Life has been more than a little crazy lately. It’s that dang boomerang effect again. You set things in motion, wait in limbo while things are brewing, and then WHAM! It all hits you at once. Money, job, career, physical, psychological, emotional, family, more family, and it’s all on a tight schedule. Thankfully, I am not alone. Tom Lescher, a Leo astrologer I met recently, does his weekly Pele Report on YouTube. I highly recommend it. His forecast for March sounds spot on with what I am dealing with:

The month of March will be a lot easier for you if you just pretend that you have boarded the high-speed bullet train that gets you to your destination at hundreds of miles per hour (whether you are late or not!). This is a month where our nervous systems are undergoing a great cosmic cleanse. It is an opportunity to rid ourselves of all the shaky, old, outworn mental patterns that are no longer serving us. Beyond that, we will have an opportunity to purge immature emotional patterns lingering from lifetimes gone by that are preventing us from fully realizing our potential.

I love his humor, and it seems I will need it this month. All kinds of past stuff is bubbling up, and I have to find a way to let it go and redefine how I live in the world. It’s kind of like being told you have wings, being thrown off a cliff, and trusting that you will know how to fly. Like the Phoenix, I want to die and rise from the ashes anew, pure like I came into this world.

Check out this video: 


‘Women are the primary resource of the planet.’

The video below is from the woman who created the Vagina Monologues and V Day. I think there are many lessons in her video presented to ponder. She talks about security, and how by creating “security”, we are making ourselves more insecure. We harden. Strength comes from softening, allowing ourselves to be wrong, allowing ourselves to feel emotion, allowing ourselves to lean on others, allowing others to lean on us in their vulnerability and honoring their state. Appreciate how strong someone must be to ask for help, to allow themselves to fully FEEL in the company of others, or even at all.

Lastly, I love her statement at the end, and I invite you to ponder this:

‘Women are the primary resource of the planet.’ – Eve Ensler

3 1/2 Days to Pop Out a 10-Pounder

After reading the following, I am happy that I came through my daughter’s delivery okay. I went through 3 1/2 days of labor, with the first two attempts at inducing. Then, I went through 36 hours of natural labor. I had an epidural they had to redo, then I spiked a fever over 101. The baby was in distress, and they were pumping me with antibiotics and liters and liters of fluids. My daughter came out 10 pounds, naturally, no seizures or lasting complications, thankfully. I truly have a lot to be thankful for.

Fever During Epidural May Raise Delivery Risk.

MedPage Today (1/31, Phend) reports a study in Pediatrics suggesting that “a temperature spike during labor with epidural analgesia may indicate serious risks for the baby in an otherwise low-risk delivery.” According to researchers, “infants whose mother ran a fever over 101°F while receiving an epidural were two- to six-fold more likely to be weak, need ventilation, have low Apgar scores, and experience early-onset seizures.” The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development funded the study in part.

Movin’ On Up

For 2.5 months, I have lived in the studio below the home I rent while the landlords stayed upstairs. I went from a very spacious kitchen, living space, and bedroom to sharing a studio with my daughter. The timing was great though, because I needed the reduced rent, and I needed to spend more time with my kiddo. It’s been a struggle, but a needed one, and while I prefer more space, it’s actually been a good reminder of what it’s like to have a small space, and that we really don’t need a lot of stuff.

Today and tomorrow, I move back upstairs. I don’t know what I am going to do with all the space. I honestly think I am going to be as sparse as possible while still making it comfortable. I am definitely excited to have a full kitchen back, as well as space to entertain friends. Also excited to make it nice. When I moved here, it was for a year with no guarantees of staying, so I didn’t settle in. Now that I know I am staying, I can put down some roots and really make the house homey. It’s time to bring some feng shui into mi casa!

Have You Been Vulnerable Today?

I have seen this video from TedX before, and I may have shared it before, but I felt it worth sharing again. Especially during the holidaze, when so many family issues come to the surface, this is a great reminder and eye opener. I have struggled for a long time to feel the comfort with vulnerability Brene Brown speaks of in this video. It has been a slow process. I recently hung out with a new friend who is on the cusp of a new outlook on life, one step closer to living his truth. I told him why I now feel so emotionally and mentally secure, which is because I had a nervous breakdown in 2008, and I vowed NEVER, EVER to let myself get that way again. After sharing that, I was driving away, and I was overwhelmed with the realization of how far I have come. The tears welled up, which confused me, but I realized that it’s a good thing. I am okay with me, and I am proud of how much I have let go. I have a long way to go, but I have turned my life around for the better. Enjoy this video. Share it. Digest it. Watch it as many times as you care to. Then watch the second one. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Much love, Me.

Making Memories

My daughter is in New Mexico with my family for Christmas, so I thought I would spend Christmas alone, but I ended up spending time with some really amazing people, which is more than I could ever ask for. We put up Christmas lights, laughed, made and ate healthy and delicious food, drank good wine, danced (wow, what great dancing!), and shared good memories while making more. Absolutely lovely!

Virtual Brain

I want to tell you about Evernote. If you have never used it, you will probably wonder why not after you read this. I saw a little note on Tim Ferris‘s Facebook page about Evernote, and I read about how they managed to stay afloat and how wonderful their product is. You can organize basically everything. You know when it comes to tax time and you can’t find those Rx receipts for deductions? Or how about you tried this great wine and either can’t remember the name, or you lost the napkin you wrote it on? Evernote can help you organize that!

To start, Evernote is accessible and compatible on any platform. It works on any PC or Mac product, as well as Droid and iPhone/Pad/Touch. You organize everything into notebooks, and then notes within the notebooks. You can cut and past into a note, clip from the internet, email directly to a note, take a picture and store it, and even add voice messages. The really cool thing is that when you take a picture of, for example, a receipt or wine bottle, it deciphers the text in the picture. You can then search either for any words you remember from the picture, or search via tags you assign to the note. It does the same with voice messages and transcribes the audio. Now, how cool is that!

Best of all, it’s FREE! Okay, if you want to add certain features, or need more capacity, then it’s only a few dollars a month. Minimal when you think that this thing organizes your life, and it is accessible any time you have access to internet, no matter what the device. Not many people go anywhere without at least their cell phone.

So, go check it out. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose. And let me know what you think!

Birds of a Feather

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Positive Rephrase

Today, I was a shuttle for my daughter. Yep, pretty much. Although, we did have a conference with her teachers and I got to hear her goals and such.  I made sure to have her rephrase things in the positive, and I think she is starting to understand that. I had her read The Secret for Teens, but she didn’t read it all the way through because ‘they keep saying the same thing.’ Yes, but it takes hundreds, maybe thousands of times, to hear it before you start to see it in action in your life and incorporate it into your daily way of living. More on that in my final 333 Project blog.

Thai Bloody Opal

Tonight, I took Keely to the annual dinner at a Thai restaurant for Maui County Health Volunteers (MCHV), where she got to talk to some real influential people in health on the island. One guy, Buck Joiner, was an opalholic and talked a lot about mining opals and how dangerous it is. He also talked about the Bloody Jack book series. He is really into the audiobooks….I mean REALLY into them. It’s pretty funny, because I guess people like the series so much, that fans have decided there should be a movie, and they have put together trailers of what they feel the movie would be like. I think there are 9 books out there currently, with 2 more on the way.

I have been including Keely more in my activities so that she can get exposed to all that I do, but also have the opportunity to talk to the likes of Dr. Lorrin Pang and Buck Joiner. These men have experience beyond my comprehension, and I am so fortunate to not only work with them, but also to be able to expose my daughter to their insight and influence.