Warp Speed Ahead!


To emphasize the reality of the post below….I wrote it on the 8th and just discovered my draft, 10 days later. Sigh…. I think I know now why I got sick!


Life has been more than a little crazy lately. It’s that dang boomerang effect again. You set things in motion, wait in limbo while things are brewing, and then WHAM! It all hits you at once. Money, job, career, physical, psychological, emotional, family, more family, and it’s all on a tight schedule. Thankfully, I am not alone. Tom Lescher, a Leo astrologer I met recently, does his weekly Pele Report on YouTube. I highly recommend it. His forecast for March sounds spot on with what I am dealing with:

The month of March will be a lot easier for you if you just pretend that you have boarded the high-speed bullet train that gets you to your destination at hundreds of miles per hour (whether you are late or not!). This is a month where our nervous systems are undergoing a great cosmic cleanse. It is an opportunity to rid ourselves of all the shaky, old, outworn mental patterns that are no longer serving us. Beyond that, we will have an opportunity to purge immature emotional patterns lingering from lifetimes gone by that are preventing us from fully realizing our potential.

I love his humor, and it seems I will need it this month. All kinds of past stuff is bubbling up, and I have to find a way to let it go and redefine how I live in the world. It’s kind of like being told you have wings, being thrown off a cliff, and trusting that you will know how to fly. Like the Phoenix, I want to die and rise from the ashes anew, pure like I came into this world.

Check out this video: 


Rainbows and a Love Buzz

Today was just a smooth and beautiful day. I rode in the morning with a new friend up in Haiku. He suggested the Haiku loop, which is one of the rides I hadn’t yet done on the island. On the drive up, I saw an electric rainbow that ended right in the water, and I knew it was going to be a magical day. We decided to meet by the gym in Haiku, which I had never been to. Little did I know how many awesome little places are there! I found a little kombucha place that also focuses on raw food. They even have cold-pressed coffee called Love Buzz. Yes, I had one, and it was amazing. I was early, so why not? Well, when my friend rode up, I was properly buzzed and thinking that he looked quite nice in his kit. Usually, I meet someone in their kit and then see them in “real” life.  I hesitated to let him take the lead, but he held back until I did. Shortly later, he said, “you’ve been riding for a while”. You can size up a cyclist’s experience pretty quickly, even in a parking lot.

The ride was mellow and beautiful. Good, comfortable conversation, and not too long. Afterward, we had more coffee and talked about all kinds of things, including astrology. I can’t remember the last time I talked astrology seriously with someone, but I truly believe it has merit. He asked me what some of my planets were in, and I couldn’t remember, so it prompted me to look into my natal chart later on. Pretty powerful stuff, for sure. I highly recommend looking into it with an open mind. Looking forward to discussing it further with him.

I am a Tiger Wood in the Chinese Horoscope…. Not sure what to make of that…