Moving To a New Rabbit Hole

Yes, I am trying something different. I have committed to a year of daily blogging, and it’s called Daily Dharma: A Year of Coming Into Alignment With My Truth. Today was my first post, Pardon Me, Could You Spare Me a Midlife Crisis?

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Kernels for your Brain

I ran across this website through a tweet on my HootSuite (the social networking is getting pretty crazy connected), and I like what is posted. I have been posting things in my other blog about what is going on, things I find interesting, quirky, or stupid. I usually don’t do that on this blog, but the author talks about NOT talking about what is going on, but rather more personal things. With everything so busy, it’s been hard to sit and think. I am hoping that once things are in place a bit with Keely and myself, things will slow down.

Anyhoo, I invite you to check out the blog. It has nice, easy-to-read blogs about basic things we forget about.

Let me know what you think.

Tweet Tweet!

So, really excited that I was mentioned in the Tweet Contest for the ASHP Summer Meeting happening NOW in Tampa, Florida. I was shocked to find that my blog was linked to! I had originally meant to set up a blog that was purely pharmacy-related, since Amy Bunny isn’t the most professional title, but it seems that my tweets that won me my Tweeter Title were under my @amybunny, vs my @amyrxbaker Twitter account.

So, I have a webpage for pharmacy, but I haven’t set it up yet. Guess it’s high time I do that!