Eclipse, Rainbows, and Hoops! Oh My!

Lunar eclipse around 4am

Today started at 4am. I decided to wake up and see the lunar eclipse, which was supposed to be at its peak around 4am. I was surprised that I actually woke up. My sleep has been so jacked up anyway, that my body doesn’t know up from down. I threw on some sweats and went out onto my driveway. The night was perfectly clear and calm, so I laid myself down on the driveway and took some pics. My tummy hurt for some reason, so I didn’t stay out too long. Some people stayed up for the whole thing, but my body was not going to cooperate with that.

My pillow embraced me upon my return to slumber. Aaaahhhh….

And then I had to get up. Again. To get Keely up for school.

No matter. I was determined to enjoy my day. I was planning on riding upcountry with a friend, but it was raining. I knew to get out and head that way anyway, since otherwise I might not have gone. I ended up seeing some great rainbows, and I had a great ride that ended in the bright sun. To top it off, my day ended on a magical note, for sure.

Around 5pm the Hoop Jam started, put on by Hoopnatyze. I had only recently learned about the hoop dancers on the island, and my new bud Celeste actually told me about the Hoop Jam. Basically, there were tons of hula hoops for people to use and live drummers, with electronic music to follow. When Keely and I showed up a bit early, Celeste was taking in the day, gently hooping while watching the expanse of sky in front of her. Such a serene scene to take in. I hadn’t hooped since I was a kid, but it was easy. BUT, doing what some of the others were doing was next to impossible at my stage. Keely did really well, and it was so nice to see her smiling. She is a beautiful young lady, especially when she smiles! I got some great pictures, so I will let them tell the story. Enjoy!

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