35- The greatest gift is to be seen

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Posted on May 9, 2012 by AmyRxBaker

In group session today, a topic came up that was batted around for quite some time. I kept hearing “I need to…” from this one person.

I need to exercise, but I don’t.

“I need to NOT buy bulk foods at Costco, but I don’t.”

What keeps us from doing what is ultimately better for us and ultimately the easiest thing to do? Read more….



Today was yummy in many ways. I am back at the pharmacy, where I can actually catch up on some emails and such in between surveys. Lunch was an amazing trio salad from Alive and Well…..gotta try it if you haven’t yet!! The surveys went well near the end of the day, and after work I took 2 yoga classes in a row. They were with the same teacher, who is a yummy, bendy, gumby type and beautiful to watch. It’s wonderful taking the time to get in touch with your body, breath and mind. And it’s such a yummy feeling to finally feel a release of tension and then everything falls into place and becomes easy. Finished off the day with a wonderful dinner of salad, corn on the cob, and hamburger patty just oozing with juices and topped with sauteed onion and Irish cheese.

Honestly, it doesn’t get much yummier…except maybe with a glass of red wine…

Feeling Saucy

Sometimes, you are in the flow, you know? Surprising I am saying this, being that I felt like I was getting sick yesterday, and then I felt and sounded like crappola all day today at the pharmacy. BUT, after I picked up Keely from swimming (during which I snagged one of the last spots on Junior Lifeguard for her), I came home and decided to cook.

I love when I look in the fridge, have extra veggies, am not sure what to make, but just go with my gut. I started with a bunch of collard greens, 2 green zucchini, 2 red bell peppers, a maui sweet onion, and some small home-grown roma tomatoes. I started with onion, as always, then decided that I would make a sauce of sorts for pasta.

I was inspired by Olly, whom I met recently. At a dinner party, he was throwing together some pasta sauce with fresh tomato and basil, and I remember talking to him while he prepped the pan. I swear he poured a cup of olive oil in there! Right when I thought he would stop, he turned and poured more in. So, I didn’t put that much in, but the olive oil was flowing at several points throughout the cooking process. Sprinkled in some pink sea salt, pepper, a few mixed herbs, fresh minced garlic, more olive oil, simmer, simmer, and then I had what turned out to be an amazing pasta dish! Too bad I wasn’t cooking for someone. I made Keely try some, even though she said she wasn’t hungry. She was glad she tried it.

*Oh, and that’s gluten free pasta, just as good as the other and maybe better!

Fresh Stuff

I have not been getting enough fruits and vegetables because I end up shopping at Safeway, and I just refuse to pay their prices for non-organic, mainland produce. The prices are horrendous, truly!

Well, I have known about Kula Fields since before I got here, but I had thought it was too expensive. Honestly, when you look at the prices and how hard it is to find local goods sometimes, it is totally worth it. If I lived up by Mana Foods, I might not feel the need, but living down in Kihei makes it hard to find the good stuff.

My first shipment is next Wednesday, and I can’t wait!


Rachel Brice / Dance

Not the girl I saw, but impressive nonetheless!

Just some positive points of the weekend:

  • Friday- I got to experience Paia a bit, including some tribal belly dance, good food at Moana Cafe, and a promise to myself to explore Paia more
  • Spent some good time enjoying the sun on Saturday and not stressing about anything
  • Saturday night, I feel my roomie M and I came up with an idea to help her
  • Sunday morning, while I didn’t do my long run I had planned on, I got some amazing sleep. Much needed.
  • I released Mothra. Hopefully, he wasn’t too sick and will survive.
  • Sheena and I went to Mana Foods in Paia after working a few hours and got some amazing deals on items like Lara Bars, salad dressings, gluten-free pasta, and more. Plus, I bought some things that I want to try and make myself.
  • Good run tonight, followed by a good dinner, and then a call from my beau.

Life is good!

217/333- Papa-ya

My first papaya at home... free trip to the person to correctly guess how many seeds are in this pic...


Official seal of the National Organic Program

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My daughter and I watched Food, Inc. back in August, and it really hit home for us. This mom really knows how to pick a Friday night movie to watch with her kiddo, huh? Well, I already only ate grass-fed beef, and even then only occasionally, but I decided that I really need to eat local when I can. Luckily, Hawaii has a large movement for local eating. On Twitter, I ran across EdibleHawaiian, SlowFoodUSA, @KulaFields,  and others. My plan is to eat organic, local, fresh food as much as possible. I am bringing my juicer and my food dehydrator with me, so hopefully I can buy extra fruit and such and dry it, or even learn how to dry other things like meats and such if I find a good deal. I don’t want to eat raw, necessarily, but I would like to sprout some of my foods before using them.

Any local foodies out there?

61/333- Strawberry Fields

Strawberry fields forever...