35- The greatest gift is to be seen

Excerpt from the Daily Dharma Blog

Posted on May 9, 2012 by AmyRxBaker

In group session today, a topic came up that was batted around for quite some time. I kept hearing “I need to…” from this one person.

I need to exercise, but I don’t.

“I need to NOT buy bulk foods at Costco, but I don’t.”

What keeps us from doing what is ultimately better for us and ultimately the easiest thing to do? Read more….


Hold Me Sweetly


Again, I am drinking my Yogi brand tea for Throat comfort, and again I am reminded that the best things come in small packages.

“Trust creates peace”

I have so many people mistrusting me lately for reasons based in their own fears. I realize now it was their own fears, but in the heat of the fire, I was panicked, unsure, anxious, doubting myself, which only played into their view (projection) of me. I alleviated the worst of it yesterday, and today was full of so many wonderful affirmations from professionals, friends, and strangers alike that I am the good person I thought, and not the monster these people made me out to be.

If trust creates peace, then mistrust creates hell, for everyone involved. Trust has to also include trust in yourself. Trust in yourself really requires trust in something larger than you. Call it what you want, but being able to trust that things are truly happening as they need to is not easy. It takes surrender.

I received a healing from my friend today, who used to train in Sufi healings, and it was interesting what came up. Not surprising, but interesting.  He told me to drop into my heart, and I honestly didn’t know what that meant. I still don’t, but I thought about opening, breathing into my heart, etc. At first, lights behind my eyes were billowing in and out, in the shape of a heart, and purple even. Then, I tried to envision my physical self, with the area of my heart expanding with each breath, and in my mind’s eye, that area was caved in. It just wouldn’t budge and expand.

From there, my body felt very large and heavy, like I was inside a giant rock, but it didn’t bother me, and I didn’t feel stifled. I transitioned out of that into something else…so much I forget it all. At one point, my friend told me to ‘feel completely supported’, and I was instantly brought back to one of the darkest, most challenging times in my life. It was one of the nights shortly before I gave up my dream of dance.

I had a full scholarship to San Francisco Ballet School, but I didn’t have any way to support myself. My body was shutting down. My hips were so tight and painful that I sat out of many classes. I never went to anyone for help. I called up my pilates instructor one night in desperation to alleviate some of the tightness and pain so I could take class.

She had me lie down on the floor of my little basement room and put my legs up the wall. ‘Now, let the floor completely support you. You don’t have to hold yourself. Feel completely supported.’  And as the floor came to meet my body and hold me, I broke down. Like a little girl running to her mom’s embrace, I sobbed. I had been holding my pride, holding my life together, holding in my hurt and pain, and my body reflected it. I wasn’t even able to trust that the ground beneath me would support me.

Today was a reminder to trust that the world around me will hold me. I need not resist or hold or brace against anything. That is lack of trust in everything in the world, which is really all one breathing soul with limitless manifestations. How can I not trust that which is of me? When I start hurting and feeling like things aren’t going well, that somehow I am not a part of this amazing world of peace and light, I will PAUSE, FEEL the earth and the space around me, SURRENDER to the moment, and be THANKFUL for this universe that holds me so sweetly.

The Contest Continues! Ends March 14th

Please check out  and RATE the new designs submitted for my contest for a business logo. Contest ends March 14th. Below is some background.

CLICK HERE to vote!

Design Brief:

I am a Medication Wellness Consultant Pharmacist offering holistic Medication Therapy Management services based around collaborative care: to individuals and physician groups via phone, in person, or video; and via speaking arrangements at conferences. In the future, I would like to work on functional, fundamental nutritional consults and workshops, so my business will not focus solely on medicine. I also have a blog, which I hope to build over time.

Theme: Helping Others Help Themselves

My target audience will include both physicians and lay people. They will be of all ages and backgrounds..

1. professional, clean and contemporary
2. symbolizes holistic health, vitality, and Helping Others Thrive.
3. It should be simple, reduce to b/w and grayscale easily, and be easily recognizable once people have seen it a few times.
4. No cartoons

3 1/2 Days to Pop Out a 10-Pounder

After reading the following, I am happy that I came through my daughter’s delivery okay. I went through 3 1/2 days of labor, with the first two attempts at inducing. Then, I went through 36 hours of natural labor. I had an epidural they had to redo, then I spiked a fever over 101. The baby was in distress, and they were pumping me with antibiotics and liters and liters of fluids. My daughter came out 10 pounds, naturally, no seizures or lasting complications, thankfully. I truly have a lot to be thankful for.

Fever During Epidural May Raise Delivery Risk.

MedPage Today (1/31, Phend) reports a study in Pediatrics suggesting that “a temperature spike during labor with epidural analgesia may indicate serious risks for the baby in an otherwise low-risk delivery.” According to researchers, “infants whose mother ran a fever over 101°F while receiving an epidural were two- to six-fold more likely to be weak, need ventilation, have low Apgar scores, and experience early-onset seizures.” The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development funded the study in part.

What is the Spirit of Maui?

Deutsch: Sonnenuntergang bei Kihei (Maui/Hawaii)

Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

How would you describe or define the Maui Spirit?

We all know Maui is special and attracts many amazing people.

So, tell me please, how do you describe (in one sentence or one word) the island of Maui, no ka oi?

I Poisoned Myself

My eggplant bacon took quite a while to dehydrate! Oh well, it turned out great and actually looked a whole lot like bacon….considering it was eggplant at least. At some point in the prior few days (while in a daze), I cut down a bunch of bananas from out back of our house. Ah! I did it on my birthday, the 14th. Well, they were starting to ripen, so I was about ready to be using the dehydrator again.

Well, I woke up this morning feeling bad all over again. I could hardly sleep last night with all of the burning in my nasal passages and eyes, and the burning in my throat. It was time to go to the doctor. Thankfully, I was able to get in fairly soon. I just knew I had strep throat. Well, I drug myself in, did the rapid strep test, and it was completely NEGATIVE. Crazy. The PA said she thought it was allergies, and actually all the signs and symptoms screamed massive histamine release. But why on earth would it have started so suddenly? She gave me a nasal spray and Zyrtec and sent me on my way.

I went home flabbergasted, but then remembered the only thing different was the eggplant, but I couldn’t remember when I had started dehydrating. Thankfully, I post random pics to Facebook, so I looked on there for my initial pics, and sure enough, I started dehydrating on Thursday, when I started to feel sick. I stopped this morning. I knew that eggplant had solanine in it, because I verified before dehydrating that you could eat raw eggplant. Plants in the nightshade family have this chemical, which causes GI distress. That’s why we don’t eat raw potatoes also. Google didn’t show much of anything on solanine poisoning via aerosolization. I saw no other explanation though, and I asked an herbalist and the poison control center if they knew anything about it. It makes so much sense, especially considering my place is so small, and the dehydrator is within feet of my bed. The Poison center told me that solanine is a big molecule, so hard to aerosolize, but since I am so close, it makes sense it could make it that far, and it makes sense that I only hurt in my upper sinuses and upper lungs. Big molecules couldn’t make it to my lower lungs.

Part of me feels stupid, but part of me feels I really hit something here. The herbalist said to try licorice tea, so I did. Within one hour, I was able to completely blow my nose, which hadn’t happened in a week. Yeah!! Time to get better….and stay away from eggplant for a while.

Glad I am not a hamster being injected with this stuff…..

Today, I attended the first of four sessions with my new friend Chris King. He helps health and wellness professionals get more clients, and I am excited to continue the series. This should really help me define who I am, what I do, and who I need to target to be most effective. More details to come…

Calling Angry Pharmacists!!

The profanity is flowing. Things need to get done.

My first preceptor from my 4th year of pharmacy school, and one who has done so much for pharmacy in New Mexico, lit a fire under my butt this morning. This week, I realized that to get anywhere in pharmacy, to get to that holy grail we speak of that exists already in the VA, we need to change the law. Get this. The Veterans Affairs hospitals and clinics utilize pharmacists beautifully. They are seamlessly integrated into the healthcare team. YET, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) does not recognize pharmacists as healthcare providers for purposes of reimbursement. Does that make sense?

There are plenty of blogs out there telling how pharmacy really is. I think that the public, including MDs, nurses, and anyone who has been to a retail pharmacy, has the view that the retail pharmacist has a pretty job. All they do is count, pour, lick and stick, right? All the while, they keep on smiling and keep their cool. That’s only because we are good at what we do. We keep our cool because if we didn’t, we would go “postal”. That’s also the only pharmacist they see, which is one reason why so many people don’t realize all that pharmacist do, FOR THEM.

If you want to read some fun, informative, sometimes lewd, and also very eloquent blogs, many are listed HERE at PharmLand and also HERE.

Keep in mind that there are pharmacists in the hospital (usually in the basement, where the environment and security for the drugs can be better controlled), and they are also out on the hospital floors, rounding with the healthcare team. We have consultant pharmacists working in clinics, hospitals and long-term care, as well as pharmacists in their own clinics, such as the Diabetes Self-Management (DSM) outpatient sites. There are pharmacists conducting MTM (Medication Therapy Management) both in and out of the community pharmacies. There are home infusion pharmacists, nuclear pharmacists, compounding pharmacists, and of course you have the retail pharmacist.

Where there are drugs involved, there are pharmacists.

I would love to see all of those pharmacists that are ballsy enough to tell it like it is, to push for actual change. Push for reform. Push back. Rally people together and get them fired up. GIVE SOLUTIONS. Be the catalyst for change.


Some prominent blogs:




Take the Bull by the Horns

Well, another productive day. I spoke with a pharmacist at HMSA/Healthways who truly backs me. She told me how reimbursement really is (at least in Hawaii), and ways I can make a difference. Then, she connected me to people who can help make it happen. By IT, I mean provider status for pharmacists. Until we have provider status, we can’t bill for our services (which go way beyond pill counting), and therefore we won’t be able to offer those services. One needs an income to live.

We need to be the quality people. Pharmacists are known for being detail oriented, even anal retentive. I think it’s a pre-req for getting into pharmacy school. Would you want a spacey “idea guy” handling your medications? I didn’t think so. So, now is a time where the government is calling for accountability. Now is the time that pharmacy HAS to jump up and take the bull by the horns. If we don’t, we will be pushed out of the healthcare model. We have to tell every doctor, every nurse, every administrator that they need us in order to meet these quality standards, and to do it efficiently and effectively. We have to get the word out! We need pharmacists in politics, being active in the legislature and pushing bills forward, not only in each state, but nation-wide.

All of those states with provider status, we need your people to help the other states get on the ball. We have too few people doing the work and too many people not believing it can be done. I am tired of trying to fit a model that doesn’t include us. We need to assert our place in the patient’s overall care or be shoved out. Jump on board or start training for your next career folks!

Falling Into Place

Today, things were actually clicking. In fact, things were happening so fast, I could hardly keep up. I have been trying to start an innovative pharmacy practice. Unfortunately, there are many roadblocks, both financially and in people’s understanding and acceptance of pharmacists‘ value. Fortunately, when I truly set my mind to something, I don’t stop until I get it. On top of that, I have a boss who believes in me enough to financially support me through this, and I have other people who support me as well.

I was connecting with billing people from a private physician’s office, case management at the hospital, liberal pharmacists from across the nation, and quality improvement folks here in Hawaii. I decided to focus on reducing hospital readmissions, and I suddenly tripped on loads of useful information online. So, meetings and phone calls are getting set up, data is being gathered, and grants have been found that I will apply for.  To top it all off, I got an invite from a new friend and cycling buddy Chris King for his workshop “Get as many clients as your heart desires”, designed especially for health professionals. Turns out he also coaches people who are trying to start up their own business….specifically in health and wellness too! BINGO!

To make the day even sweeter, I was invited to ride with Chris and my friend Mark. I talked with Chris about what I want to do, and tried to think of a company name so I could get the ball rolling, and he brought me right back to the basics. He said it should reflect your most important value. If this one value did not exist in your world, you would no longer want to live. And his first example was my absolute biggest need in life, beyond love and connection, which are different. HONESTY is of the utmost to me. My name should somehow reflect that value of honesty, trust, integrity. I didn’t get to finish the conversation, as I had to rush off after the ride to get my daughter.

I firmly believe that when things are falling into place, it’s a sign you are on the right track and to trust in the process and roll with it. Today was definitely one of those days!