Virtual Brain

I want to tell you about Evernote. If you have never used it, you will probably wonder why not after you read this. I saw a little note on Tim Ferris‘s Facebook page about Evernote, and I read about how they managed to stay afloat and how wonderful their product is. You can organize basically everything. You know when it comes to tax time and you can’t find those Rx receipts for deductions? Or how about you tried this great wine and either can’t remember the name, or you lost the napkin you wrote it on? Evernote can help you organize that!

To start, Evernote is accessible and compatible on any platform. It works on any PC or Mac product, as well as Droid and iPhone/Pad/Touch. You organize everything into notebooks, and then notes within the notebooks. You can cut and past into a note, clip from the internet, email directly to a note, take a picture and store it, and even add voice messages. The really cool thing is that when you take a picture of, for example, a receipt or wine bottle, it deciphers the text in the picture. You can then search either for any words you remember from the picture, or search via tags you assign to the note. It does the same with voice messages and transcribes the audio. Now, how cool is that!

Best of all, it’s FREE! Okay, if you want to add certain features, or need more capacity, then it’s only a few dollars a month. Minimal when you think that this thing organizes your life, and it is accessible any time you have access to internet, no matter what the device. Not many people go anywhere without at least their cell phone.

So, go check it out. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose. And let me know what you think!