You Never Promised Me a Rose Garden

Today, I got my daughter and her friend out of the house. We headed out to Baldwin Beach for “Gratitude”, a free event with live music, DJs, hula hooping fun, and even fire dancers. I caught a few photos, but wish I had caught the last fire dancer. She lit up several parts of her hoop and did some things that even without the fire were impressive. I had a blast dancing to the first DJ, Del Sol. FYI, dancing in deep, loose sand can be a bit difficult, great exercise for the calves!

The title of the blog? It just happened to pop into my head.

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Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

Okay, it’s actually December 9, 2011 as I am writing this. I got behind, and so I am going back and working backwards. I may decide to post from today backwards until I catch up. Who knows? How cool is it that I can experience my own little time warp?

Highlight of today (Nov. 25, 2011)—– I attended the Paia Third Friday celebration. It’s a weekly Friday thing, hitting a different Maui town each Friday of the month. There was an ice sculptor, live music, and just lots of good fun for my kiddo and me.


Lots of jumbled thoughts today, tonight, lately.

Started out my day very early, hit the snooze for too long, then jetted off to Paia around 5:15am. At Anthony’s, the girl working there showed another customer and me a counterfeit dollar bill. It looked and felt exactly like a real dollar bill, but it had Santa Claus in the middle instead of George. Just one of those fun oddities in an otherwise “normal” day. On the way to Twin Falls, the weather was bad…very wet and windy. Part of our group decided we would join a 7:30am group going out to West Maui instead. Since we had an hour to kill, we went back to Anthony’s. Yum!

It was a good group of riders that headed out. We kept the pace pretty easy, but it was hard not to with the headwinds. One thing I did notice was that people didn’t seem to understand how to draft in crosswind, which means they didn’t seem to know the best place to be when at the front of the line either. I find that on every ride with a crosswind here, the person up front tends to be on the opposite side of the shoulder they need to be on. When I thought about a windsurfer (because most of the cyclists I ride with have a windsurfing background), they don’t want to get behind another windsurfer, because they need that wind. Perhaps that thinking affects their cycling? I like to think of the peleton as a cat and its tail. The person up front is the cat, and everyone after is the tail. You need to leave room for the tail to blow with the wind in the shoulder of the road without it running off the road or into traffic where it could get run over. It would be good to have a clinic on intermediate cycling skills, such as how to ride in a pack, how to draft in a pack, in wind, etc, and tactics for races…… I know a few people who could do that. 🙂

So, the ride was brutal. The headwinds were so tough on parts that I was out of my saddle pumping uphill just to keep myself moving forward. I wasn’t able to hydrate or fuel well because I had my hands on the handlebars all the time, prepared for the next unpredictable gust of wind. We went from Paia to Lahaina, all around West Maui, then back into Paia, with a short stop at the art gallery outside of Kahakuloa.

I made myself some yummy fish tacos when I got home and proceeded to chill, but my mind was racing… I have to move stuff downstairs, and clean the whole upstairs top to bottom. I didn’t feel like moving anything or cleaning anything. I have stuff for work I need to do, but I didn’t want to get in front of the computer right away, and I had questions in my head about relationships. So, I layed on my bed, immobilized by indecision. One must not get attached. It’s that simple. Then you don’t get hurt. BUT, if you don’t let yourself get attached, you are guarding and not fully loving. So, what’s a girl to do? It’s a vicious cycle, but I saw a quote today from Dr. Seuss that pretty much sums up how I look at ANY disappointment in life:

 “I won’t cry because it’s over, I’ll smile because it happened.”

Tonight, my daughter and I fought about her schoolwork. I want her to do well, she thinks it’s boring and thus hard. She said, ” I don’t need this boring stuff for what I want to do anyway. You don’t need this for art.” HA! Little does she know. I pulled up Juilliard and Berklee College of Music to see their admission stats. The lowest GPA of people Juilliard accepted was 3.9. Berklee was not the same, but the % of people below 3.0 was very small. They must have been geniuses at music, or rich, or both.

We battled, and she spun things around, put words in my mouth, talked in circles…I kept  trying to bring her back to what I was trying to say. Then, I explained to her that I believe with all my heart she can do whatever she sets her mind to. She is a very creative, loving, bright girl with the potential to do well at many things. I wanted her to have the opportunity to be all she could be, to really explore her talents to the utmost. Then, I reminded her that I left my family when I was 16 to study ballet, and I experienced some of the most amazing things through my art because I had the opportunity to really take my dancing to the next level. I want that for her, but I can’t do it for her. She heard that, I think.

Then, I told her she had to skip swimming until her homework was done. That was the end of the quiet listening. Oh well. All in all, a good day with lots of spinning….. on my bike, in my head, and in my heart.


Haven’t ridden my bike in two days, and I am itching to get out there. It’s amazing how quickly you feel stiff, swollen, etc when you go from from consistent riding to more than a day off. Going to bed early for my ride to Hana bright and early! One of the best parts about hitting the road early is that Anthony’s coffee shop in Paia opens up at 5:30am. Yee haw!

288/333- Bonding


I am writing a day late because I literally had no time to write yesterday. It was such a fun, sun-filled day, that I literally came home and collapsed into bed. I want to start with Thursday though, because this is a fun little story.

I responded to an email from the cycling listserv on Tuesday or Wednesday of this last week. The person I responded to had questions about the upcoming stage race, as well as a link to his nearly approved bed and breakfast, Sugar Ranch Maui. He invited me to his dinner party that Thursday, so I decided to go for it. I think I was the only person there that hadn’t windsurfed or kite-surfed, but it was a great time! I love how everyone was active and into so many different sports. They talked more about their activities than what they “do” to support their activities. A person’s career is not nearly as important here on the islands as what you partake in, either through sports, volunteer, arts, community, etc.

Met some great people, most of whom were friends of Suzie Cooney, whom I did the SUP (Stand Up Paddle) clinic with back in November. One of them was Matt of Olukai, who told me all about the Olukai Maliko downwind run in May. They had a practice paddle yesterday (April 30, 2011) from Paia Town to Kanaha Beach. I hadn’t done a downwinder before, so I was a bit nervous, but I rented two boards and Keely and I braved the surf.  Even though it was free, we had coffee and granola bars at the start,  experienced paddlers to escort and guide us, and two people on jetskis to make sure everyone was safe. At the start, we both had a hard time just getting through the initial break. Thank goodness I have a good sense of humor, or I might have cried and given up right there. We both finished fine and had lots of fun. Keely was the youngest paddler of the group! Everyone (myself included) was really proud of her perseverance. I think she did all of it on her knees, but she did it darnnit!

Matthew of Olukai setting up for the fun paddle

Coffee and goodies for attendees

The early risers and go-getters of the crowd

                  Matt invited Keely and I to his house that evening for a BBQ up in Haiku, where many of the volunteers for the event would be. How could I say no? First though, Keely and I took advantage of the boards we had rented at $35 each, and we went back to the south side (Kihei) to do some more paddling. We set out from the Cove near Kalama Park, and I told Keely that we needed to head upwind first so that we could just coast downwind to get in. Well, that didn’t happen so much. It was windy and choppy yesterday, and it was a struggle for both of us. I think we were out there for a good 1.5 hours. Upwind paddling is rough, especially when the wind is coming in at an angle. I also have NO technique, so I expend twice the energy someone experienced does. By the time we got to shore, and I had hauled both boards to the car, my arms were shot. Hoisting those up onto the car in the wind isn’t as easy as some make it look!

When we got home, I decided to wash my car. I figured I was already covered in sand, along with clumps of sand in my salty, sticky hair from carrying the boards on my head. So, we washed my car in our bikinis, cuz that’s how you do it on the islands! Of course, it meant I didn’t eat nor drink water, so by the end I was completely spent.

We cleaned ourselves up and headed straight to Haiku for the dinner party. It was a great time, and everyone was so welcoming! I had many great conversations throughout the night. At one point, I told Suzie that it was amazing how I suddenly found myself immersed in this new group of like-minded people, but she didn’t seem as surprised. I guess kindred spirits find each other and join forces, so to speak. Perhaps I wasn’t ready before, but now I am. The drive back was rough, and I fought off falling asleep at the wheel. Keely and I both walked straight to our rooms and CRASHED. I woke up to birds singing, a crystal clear blue sky, and only the faintest breeze. I love mornings in Maui.

Today, we are taking it easy, as our whole body aches. Keely doesn’t like it, but I do. I used every muscle from my head to my toes, and even my stomach is sore. There is certainly more SUP’ing my future!!

Kiddos playing

View of backyard campsite through screen. Can you say AWESOME?

Fun screened in room

LOVE the dog house!!

Lots of BBQ'ing going on!

North Side FAIL

I decided to hit another beach today, since I seem to go to the same one or two all the time now. I ventured up to the north shore of Maui near Paia and Haiku and was reminded why I stay on the south side. The sand is rougher, and the wind is INSANE. You can’t lay out without something to shield you from being pelted by the sand. It was beautiful in its own way, but I prefer the calm of the south side beaches.


Rachel Brice / Dance

Not the girl I saw, but impressive nonetheless!

Just some positive points of the weekend:

  • Friday- I got to experience Paia a bit, including some tribal belly dance, good food at Moana Cafe, and a promise to myself to explore Paia more
  • Spent some good time enjoying the sun on Saturday and not stressing about anything
  • Saturday night, I feel my roomie M and I came up with an idea to help her
  • Sunday morning, while I didn’t do my long run I had planned on, I got some amazing sleep. Much needed.
  • I released Mothra. Hopefully, he wasn’t too sick and will survive.
  • Sheena and I went to Mana Foods in Paia after working a few hours and got some amazing deals on items like Lara Bars, salad dressings, gluten-free pasta, and more. Plus, I bought some things that I want to try and make myself.
  • Good run tonight, followed by a good dinner, and then a call from my beau.

Life is good!