Spacing Out

I just reread my last post, and I could tell I was tired and rushed. I used the word “space” entirely too much. Therefore, I thought it would be good to find other ways of referring to the space I was referring to. At, they list the following:


Part of Speech: noun

Definition: room, scope

Synonyms: amplitude, areaarenablankbreadthcapacity,compassdistance, elbowroom,

expanse,expansionextensionextentfieldgap,headroom, headway, infinityinterval,

lacuna,leewaylocation, margin, omissionplayrange,reach, slot, spaciousness, sphere,

spotspread,stretchterritory, tract, turfvolumezone

Area is a bit bland….expanse definitely fits the bill with my place and allows me plenty of capacity for experiencing more elbowroom and expansion or extention to the extent that I am capable within my field of…….. (use your imagination here?)

Lacuna, what a great word! I don’t think I could call my place a lacuna , since it implies a gap of some sort. Although, I do intend to add an altar, so that’s missing.

Yes, my spot. I like my spot, especially since it’s bigger than my last spot. I can spread and stretch across the bed spread or the stretch of floor in any room in the house. It’s that spacious.

Mainly, I am happy to be in the zone in my zone.


Fitting it in

What a crazy weekend this is going to be! Keely and I are moving from our 3BR 2BA home with a HUGE living room and HUGE kitchen to a studio downstairs, that doesn’t even have a range. It does have a frig, a sink, and a bit of cabinets. It really needs some love though, and I am pleased with what I have done with it in just a little time. There is a beam across the room, so I put up curtains between the beds and the rest of the studio. We can slide them open or closed as we wish, and I will put a curtain across Keely’s bed so that we can separate our beds and have some privacy. I added a baker’s rack to the “kitchen” so that it looks like a kitchen. Plus, I needed more space!

Now, I have an electric “buffet range”, which takes 20 minutes to boil water, so not sure how much I will be cooking. It might be a good time to go raw! I also plan on buying a bbq and we can grill outside more. We do have a nice little lanai right outside our door, and I am going to line it with a light rope.

The bathroom is normal size, but there is no place for towels, so I put in a toilet shelf. You know, those things that straddle the toilet and add just enough space to put a few towels behind you? The closet is UBER small, with a rod that is hardly worth putting there. It is under the stairs if that gives you any idea of how small it is. SO, I bought a rolling clothes rack normally meant for the laundry room so that we can hang a bit more and roll it out to pick out our clothes. It might be too flimsy, but at least it’s hanging space and doesn’t take up space in our room.

I have always lived in tiny spaces, and I have become really good at utilizing what space I have. Organizing is something I love to do, actually. Sick, huh? I am loving the creative process, and of course it means I get to go shopping! 🙂 It’s fun to make a place yours, and it’s the first time I have done it since I moved here. I didn’t get settled in upstairs because I wasn’t sure if I was staying. I didn’t want to buy anything more than the bare minimum, and most of my furniture was actually free or very cheap. Now, I finally get to make the place homey. I told Keely that when we move back upstairs, we will make her room nice. Poor thing has had a pretty boring room all year. Not come January!!

Now, if only I didn’t have to clean the whole upstairs spotless! That’s the not-so-fun part.