Oh, Waikiki

Friday was quite the day, and Waikiki “greeted” us in a unique way.

Sheena and I were to fly to Oahu for a conference for the Hawaii Pharmacists Association conference in Waikiki. It was a night flight, so we had time to go home and get our stuff. Well, Sheena offered to pick me up. I had been thinking I would drive to the airport, since I was running late, but so was she. I was animated and jazzed, yapping away, and halfway to the airport, I realized I had forgotten my wallet. We turned around to get it, which cost us about a 1/2 hour. We had no problem in security, thankfully, and we weren’t checking bags. So, with all the rushing, we ended up with plenty of time. Then, the flight was delayed. Flight 555. I told Sheena things would get better, since 555 is a lucky number to the Chinese. Ha! The flight went fine, and we had no problem finding a shuttle at the Honolulu airport. There was only one other person on the shuttle. Little did we know how many stops this bus would make! We arrived at 9:40, but did not get to our hotel until nearly midnight. Sheena joked during the ride, as this huge tour bus wove through the crowded, small streets of Waikiki, that since she complained about how long it was taking, we would be the last ones off. Well, if it weren’t for one person’s stop being missed, we would have been.

We were wired, and I wanted a night cap, so we went downstairs, and they only had a funky, loud little bar/restaurant with 3 nasty domestic beers on tap. So, we decided to find a place down the street. We started down Kuhio Street, since there seemed to plenty of people ahead. Oh, boy! Every male it seemed greeted us with, “Hello Girls”, and all the places were super loud. Then, we noticed an inordinate amount of women in micro minis and platform heels with the clear bottoms. Sheena joked they should have fish in the soles. Those must be required attire for a prostitute on Kuhio street. At one point, we were in the International Market looking for a place suggested to us called the Lava Lounge. I stepped up some steps into the food court, and suddenly felt like I was in the movie Big with Tom Hanks. It felt like the deserted carnival. As soon as I said that to Sheena, I turned to the right, and there was a machine just like the one in Big that grants him his wish. That was just too weird, so Sheena and I headed straight back to the hotel, where we had a nice, quiet room awaiting us.