100% Effort in Flunking

I don’t like having these feelings. Frustration dominates my time with my daughter. Frustration leads to anger, which leads to sadness and futility. Brush, rinse, repeat. Day in, day out. She has always been bright, so bright that she IS her own star, living out there in outer space, even while sitting here on earth. God only knows what goes through that head. Homework can be done, but never turned in. Papers vanish. I print a checklist, match it up with assignments that I verify are done, put it in her Math folder with her, and then she turns in 2 out of 10 papers. Claims she forgot. ?!?!?! One would think that the whole pile could get turned in at once, since NOTHING has been turned in for the whole semester yet.

Meetings with principals, all the teachers, counselors. I am trying to get her moved up to 7th grade, which all the teachers agree should be done,….EXCEPT for the fact that she can’t get her act together. I have tried explaining, rewarding, threatening, punishing, and I am done.

Done for today, and then I realize yet again she has done NOTHING but be present in class for a day. I start the process over again. Tonight, I sat her down and made her do her homework, again. The homework that she was supposed to do before swimming, that I told her to do on the phone, 3 times! Clear expectations, performance zilch.

After dinner, I sat her down and explained to her that she is setting the foundation for her education, for her life. What kind of foundation did she think she was building for herself? What needed to be done to fill in those cracks? I am working with her on using her agenda and building in the habit of checking it after every class, after school, and before school.

My daughter gets 100% on everything she actually does in school, but she is flunking 6th grade.


3 thoughts on “100% Effort in Flunking

  1. I suspect that she has a genius IQ and is highly creative. She deems the work boring and beneath her and is unmotivated to follow convention.

    You have to explain this to her and not allow her any provileges until she starts conforming by bringing home a signed slip from her teachers that she has turned in her homework.

    You have my utomost sympathies because there is nothing more self centered than a junior high aged girl.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  2. If nothing else works take her out of school for a day and go with her to the movies followed by a bit of shopping. When the time is right let herknow that you love her and that you are simply trying your best to help her get the best out of herself. Sometimes when the tension goes away communicating is easier and the message seeps in more effectively..

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